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Pattern #29

Add this code to your <defs> in your document, to make the pattern available.

<pattern id="pattern-29" patternUnits="userSpaceOnUse" width="12" height="12">
<path d="M5,5 l2,0 l0,2 l-2,0 l0,-2 M0,0 l1,0 l0,1 l-1,0 l0,-1 M11,0 l1,0 l0,1 l-1,0 l0,-1 M0,11 l1,0 l0,1 l-1,0 l0,-1 M11,11 l1,0 l0,1 l-1,0 l0,-1" fill="hotpink" style="fill: var(--pattern-channel-1, currentcolor)" />
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