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As I update this repository, updates that are not content (meaning, new patterns) but instead changes to the site itself are listed here.

  1. 0.6.1

    • Add a "pinboard" to the homepage, where content can be displayed.
    • Show a more prominent way to the latest update of the repository
    • Fix some issues regarding the layout.
    • Add a size attribute to all patterns that is being used to make downloaded patterns actually repeatable just as images. Before their size was uniform, which resulted in some patterns that were non-repeatable. They are now downloaded with their intrinsic size, instead of a uniform size.
    • Update the favicon to be more... nice? I am hoping.
    • Removed the full sprite. I don't think there is any use for that. Let me know if that is not the case!


    • fix an issue with the header being too close to the content on pages
  2. 0.5.0

    • Fixed an issue that made the previous button shift to the inline-end on the last pattern. It now always sits on the inline-start position and the next button always sits on the inline-end position.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented a listed pattern with aria-current="page" from being clicked.

    New Patterns added

    • Added 8 new point based patterns - centered and off-centered!
    • Added 8 new dot based patterns - centered and off-centered!
    • Added 3 vertical zig-zag patterns
  3. 0.4.0

    • Updated the package.json version number. Oops!
    • Fixed an issue with the skip-to-content not spanning the entirety of the width on large screens.
    • Added a GNU GPL v3 License. Hopefully that's the right one.
    • The project version is now displayed at the bottom of the page, with a link to the updates page.
    • There is now a download-link on each pattern's single view to download an SVG file.
    • I also finally added a readme.


    • fixed an issue with the alignment of the "browse patterns" button on pattern single views.
    • fixed an issue with the width of the pattern-entry in pattern single views.
    • fixed an issue with an element prevent interacting with listed patterns after closing a pattern single view.


    • fixed an issue with NaN values showing up in firefox. Apparently firefox does not support the getPropertyValue() method for shorthand syntax.
    • fixed an issue with paddings & margins in Safari regarding unsupported shorthand syntaxes for logical properties (padding-inline, margin-block).
    • fixed an issue that didn't properly hide the content after clicking the "browse patterns"-button in pattern single views.
    • adjusted some of the visuals around the pattern listing
  4. 0.2.0

    • Moved all the JavaScript from template files into their own respective files. All JavaScript is included as native modules.
    • The navigation is now collapsed into a open- & closable menu. The meni can be opened and closed via buttons. They are keyboard accessible and focus is managed and should be WCAG compliant.
    • Added a "Sprite" of all the patterns. They can be accessed with url fragments, for example background-image: url('/patterns.svg#view-pattern-17'), thanks to the <view> element.
    • Individual Patterns are now also available from /svg/pattern/{id}.svg.
    • I also added a json output for all patterns combined at /api/patterns.json, and for individual patterns via /api/pattern/{id}.json. I don't know if this is valuable to anyone! Let me know please!
    • I also added favicons. And they even update based on what page you are on. Plus, they are dark-mode aware!
    • There are titles for all pages now!
  5. 0.1.0

    This is the initial Version of the Basic Pattern Repository, the "MVP", so to speak. Though I don't consider this a product. It's just a website.

    • Canonical links to source material in a patterns single view
    • Citing the original source in a patterns single view
    • Citing the original source on the credits page