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Made by Thomas Michael Semmler. You can find me on twitter and on my personal website. If you would like to contribute to this project or if you have found some form of error, please do so via github!

Data Protection

This website does not track you. No cookies are being set or read.


This website aims to be as accessible as possible. But Sometimes errors occur - be aware that these errors are not a result of ignorance or bad intent. Please let me know if you encounter an issue that makes this website not as accessible as it could be via github.

Browser Compatibility

This website is not trying to be as backwards compatible as possible. But, if you are using an older browser and you are encountering some issues, visual or functionally, please let me know via github so I am aware that there is an audience that require some inclusion of older browsers. Because there is no analytics on this website whatsoever, directly communicated feedback is the only sensory information I can get about this topic.