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This page is intended to give credit other people's contributions that made this website possible.

Figma Library

This idea started when I discovered a downloadable figma file on github by Chris Orebaugh. , containing lots of patterns intended to be used as background-images. I published them as a Figma Library to the community. I needed them on my own project but I quickly realized that I would need them to be not-background-images in my document, so I could easily change their colors with custom properties.

I eventually started to hand-code them. This website serves as a vault, a respository for these patterns, so I can easily copy and paste them into my projects.

Pattern Credits

Some of the Patterns in the repository are based on someone elses work. I am trying to make this as transparent as possible. At the time being, these are the names of the people who's code I've included into the repository:

Ingo Kegel


This is not an attempt to define me or someone else as a source of truth for very simple SVG Code. Instead it tries to keep it as transparent as possible, naming those who contributed, even if just tangentially.

Tech Credits

This site is made with Eleventy - credit goes out to the people at the Eleventy community Discord for technical support, as well as the Frontend Horse Discord for general community support. CSS is preprocessed by SASS, using the BIOS (BEM + ITCSS + OOCSS + SMACSS) Methodology. The font was subset with glyphhanger.